Baltimore United Methodist Church
                                 2419 Baltimore Rd. East Bend, NC 27018

Pastor Information
Pastor Chad Shoaf
Pastor Chad Shoaf
(336) 961-6055
2419 Baltimore Rd.
East Bend, NC 27018


Greetings in the name of our glorious Lord Jesus Christ, I give thanks to God our Father for you each and everyday that I am blessed to be here among you in the work of transforming the world and building the kingdom.       

What are the components of a book? We have the front and back cover; the beginning and the end of a story. We have pages that contain descriptive words that tell the story itself. But that is not all! There are chapters scattered throughout the pages between the covers that illuminate changes of thought, directions, and situations. Each chapter highlights the journey. It is the twist and turns that each chapter brings that heightens the excitement and intrigue of the story.  Our lives are the same.

Our story begins when we are born with each day after adding pages to the story of who we are. The chapters begin to form through the good and bad choices we make and other things that change the world as we know it; like a death, career change, marriage/divorce, and a multitude of other things that change the world around us. It is easy to get dazed and confused from the tossing about that happens when the world changes as we know it and forget that the story is not ending but shifting into something new, especially when we do not have companions to help us find our way through the storms. It is the same with our Christian Journey.

We are part of a story that has its beginning and ending already written, with a lot of blank pages between. We are building upon the story that was handed down to us from our parents, who received it from theirs and so on, and so on, for the purpose of handing it on to those who come after us.  We, each of us are participating in the good works of God in redeeming all of the world.  Each of us Christ followers, no matter age, sex, race, or nationality, are blessed with gifts of the Spirit for the purpose of helping us in this work of adding to the story and building the kingdom.

We write on the pages and God labels the chapters. God tugs on a heart here and a heart there, for the purpose of guiding us and his church into the places and work we are to participate in. God titles the chapter and waits for us to begin writing on the new blank pages of the story. The thing is though that it is not just God waiting, the whole world is waiting for us to step into our gifts and work in bringing God’s promises to fulfillment.

I encourage each of you to step into your gifts and help lead us to be the church God is calling us to be and the world is waiting on us to be!

Pastor Chad